Monday, August 1, 2011

peringuey's adder snakes pics

Peringuey's adder Peringuey's desert adder, sidewinding adder more.
Bitis peringueyi is a venomous viper species found in Namibia and southern Angola. No subspecies are currently recognized. small snake with an average length of 20–25 cm and a maximum recorded length of 32 cm.
The head is short and flat with eyes located on top of the head—an adaptation for hunting. It is covered with strongly keeled scales, the smallest of which are located anteriorly. The eyes are separated by 6-9 scales, while each is surrounded by 10-13 scales. 2-4 scales separate the suborbitals from the supralabials. The latter number 10-14, the sublabials 10-13. An ambush hunter, it buries itself just beneath the surface of the sand with only its eyes and the tip of its tail exposed (individuals with black tail-tips employ caudal luring). When prey happens by, it is seized and envenomated.
peringuey's adder
peringuey's adder
peringuey's adder

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