Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black cobra snake pics and wallpapers

It may enter human dwellings when hunting. It restlessly moves from place to place in search of prey, which mainly consists of mice, rats, poultry, frogs and snakes. Normaly, it is not considered aggressive, particularly shy of human beings and will avoid confrontation. Habitually it avoids confrontation with man, at a chance en-counter, first priority is to escape undetected. On sensing danger it lifts anterior part of its body to have a good look at its surroundings. If not provoked, it lets fall it's body and slips quietly away. However, if provoked, it hisses loudly and sways its hood to advertise its presence, and displays the hood markings to impress its adversary. It fixes its eyes to the source or annoyance, keenly following its movements. However, all the time at the lookout to have a chance to avoid conrontation and slip away. The swaying of hood with dorsal spectacle mark and ventral yellow ocellus, coupled with loud hiss, arc measures to just look as fearsome and as big as possible, to impress the enemy. Cobra attacks viciously and furiously, striking with full strength and biting savagely, chewing the bitten pan. When bitting, it hold on and chews savagely. May strike repeatedly. Pairings are known to be for life, breeding activity is observed from April to July, 12 to 30 eggs are laid in rat holes or crevices, female stays close until hatching.

Cobra frequents different habitats: grasslands, vegetation along tilled fields, along water courses, semidesert forests, barns, ruins with grassy growths and around villages. It is plentiful in paddy growing areas, where it is attracted bv mice and poultry into living houses. It climbs into the branches of trees in search of nesting birds. Often it become resident in rat holes after consuming its occupant.

N.n.naja is found in eastern Pakistan as far west as Karachi. It has been reported from sea level to 4000m in the Himalayas. It may be found in flat grasslands, among scattered trees, near rice fields and other cultivated areas, near settlements. Usually not found in deserts or rainforests. This cobra species is found in Punjab, Baluchistan and Sind where it is quiet common. reclamation and overgrazing are the main threats to the cobras in Pakistan. Every year thousands of cobras are killed in Pakistan for their skins. Snake charmers capture cobras to stage fights with mongoose in rural and urban areas. Cobras are locally used by aurevedic practitioners in their recipes.

Black cobra snake
Black cobra snake
Black cobra snake

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