Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long nosed bandicoot

Long-nosed Bandicoot (Perameles nasuta) is a species of bandicoot found in Australia. It is the largest member of its genus, which also includes the Western Barred Bandicoot, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and the Desert Bandicoot.

Gestation period
12 days (average)
Birth Mass
Age at sexual or reproductive maturity (female)
135 days (average)
The gestation period of the long-nosed bandicoot is quite short, about 12.5 days. There can be 1-5 young in a litter, with the usual number being 2 or 3. Bandicoots have a placental structure (but it lacks the villae in the placenta of placental mammals), and the young remain attached to this by umbilical cords for some time after birth, until the young begin suckling on teats in the pouch. Young are weaned at about 60 days, and the mother may have the next litter only a few days after the previous one is weaned.

The Long-nosed Bandicoot is much less colourful than its relatives, being primarily a brown colour. It is distributed along the eastern coast of Australia from Cairns in Queensland to Naringal in southwestern Victoria.
long nosed bandicoot
long nosed bandicoot
long nosed bandicoot
long nosed bandicoot

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