Saturday, June 18, 2011

world biggest snake anaconda

Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world but many take it as, also the longest snake that exists in the world. The truth is that Anaconda is considered largest because of its weight and not its length. Python is one snake that can grow even more than Anacondas so they are regarded longer than Anacondas. Anacondas have a variety of species which have different colours and sizes but the most popular and common among these are the 'Green Anacondas' and 'Yellow Anacondas'. They use their enormous force to whirl around and suffocate its prey, before they can kill it. The Anacondas are a non-venomous snake specie i.e. they do not kill by poisoning their prey, instead they squeeze it to death.

anaconda big snakes
hunting the anaconda

anaconda dead on the road

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