Tuesday, June 14, 2011

stink bugs pictures

Is what you might say if you have a stinkbug in the room with you. In our class we catch stinkbugs and set them free outdoors. Stinky, Stinker, Stinkette, Stinkasaurus Rex, Stinkagator, and Stinkacabra. Grab a piece of paper and let it crawl on or let it crawl on to your hand. DO NOT grab a stinkbug by its antennae or legs, which hurts the stinkbug! 2. Walk slowly outdoors and find a tree, and let the stinkbug crawl off your hand onto the tree. the stink is not a fart! This is what a lot of people think with skunks and stinkbugs, but now you know it isn’t. Their smell is described on Wikipedia as a “rancid almond smell.

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