Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flying snake pics

The snake usually glides from tree to tree, though sometimes it sails from trees to the forest floor, and to do so it first slithers its way towards the top of the canopy. Once there, it hurls itself into the air, twisting and propelling itself up and away from its launching branch en route to a desired landing area. the tree snake performs a continual S-shaped serpentine motion while moving through the air. This gives the smooth-moving snake more stability and some control as it glides – similar to the way a person makes balancing adjustments walking along a line in the road. The snake’s movements are much more dynamic and rhythmic than those of other gliding animals. the biggest snake in the basket, but being small and ligthweight – about as heavy as four nickels – helps it with its aerodynamic activities. Why did the snake choose to take to the air in the first place? No one knows, though such vertical travel is quick, energy efficient, top notch for evading predators, and equally great for chasing prey such as lizards, frogs, birds and bats. Flying snakes are known to strike humans, but their bite is only mildly venemous.

flying snake pics

flying tree snake pics

flying snake mostly dengerous

book of flying snake

flying snake on a dive

flying snake beautiful and dengerous snakes

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