Thursday, July 28, 2011

Black pastel ball python snakes pictures some detals

The super black pastel BP is also called the "Silver Streak." Ralph Davis Reptiles breeds them and is a good guy to work with. East Coast Reptile Breeders and VMS Herps also list them. We produce a few normal Ball Pythons from various crossings. Ideally suited for pets, these captive bred specimens are vastly better than the commonly seen 'ranched' imports available in pet stores. These will feed and thrive. Ball pythons are one of the most well known and commonly kept of all pythons. This small to medium sized African snake’s popularity has grown dramatically within the last few years, due to their gentile nature, the introduction of new mutations from the wild, as well as the continued development of a multitude of new designer morphs. Ball pythons have certainly secured themselves a future in an ever-expanding industry and hobby for years to come.

Pastel Jungle: Co-dominant gene, bred to a normal reproduces itself with an average of 50% of a given clutch, representing the visual mutation, the other 50% being normal. We are working with the Graziani line of pastels, our breeding stock consists of several female pastel jungles and we are also very fortunate to have 2, F3 Pastel jungle males. F3’s are produced by first breeding pastel to pastel, to create F2’s and then breeding F2 to F2 to produce the most amazing looking F3 pastel jungles.

pastel ball python snakes

pastel ball python snakes

pastel ball python snakes

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